Accessibility means different things to different people.
Accessible Acupuncture strives to be accessible and we are happy to make reasonable accommodations for all our patients.
We have made our services and clinic accessible and customized for you
  • The Hys Centre and Accessible Acupuncture are wheelchair and walker accessible from the front door to the treatment tables/chair
  • Acupuncture treatments can be given in a treatment chair for people who are unable to use the treatment table
  • Scents and fragrances are not used in the clinic
  • linens are laundered with hypoallergenic, scent-free, and dye-free soap
  • electric treatment tables that can be easily raised or lowered
  • large treatment rooms and waiting room with space to accommodate mobility devices and baby strollers
  • quiet treatments with no music, white noise, and quiet voices
  • treatment with louder music for the hearing impaired
  • lowering lights as needed (all treatment rooms have dimmer lights)
  • brighter lights as needed (all treatment rooms have bright overhead lights )
  • providing water, juice, and granola bars
  • modified acupuncture, cupping, and laser treatments can be given while in a wheelchair or power chair
  • The Hys Center has three elevators to the 6th floor and all exterior doors have automatic doors
  • Essential caregivers and interpreters are welcome to attend appointments 

If there is a way Accessible Acupuncture can make your treatment more accessible and comfortable please reach out by calling 587-879-7122 or by emailing