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Mel goes above and beyond! She's been so incredible during our journey into pregnancy. I've been seeing her weekly to support IUI cycles! I was getting really discouraged waiting for an LH surge and Mel was so kind and compassionate. She saw me twice right before my surge and it made a huge difference in my cycle and my relaxation going into treatment. The day of my first IUI She booked me in after hours to make sure I was able to see her right after the IUI. I fell asleep almost as soon as she got the treatment started because I know I'm in such good hands with her. Mel is also a queer friendly practitioner and makes her services accessible to everyone! Thanks again for everything Mel!!

-Samantha Chisholm, Five Stars

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Melanie is very professional, thorough, and detail-oriented. She makes sure all your concerns and questions are heard. Your comfort comes first and I feel at ease going to her to treat my issues.

- L. Tran. Five stars, June 2021

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This was such a great, comfortable first experience! Melanie is extremely thorough and professional. I can’t wait to go back and continue my treatment.

- Eileen P. Five stars, April 2021

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I can't even put into words how grateful I am for Dr. Melanie. Prior to receiving acupuncture treatments from her, I had the most horrific PMDD symptoms and my hormonal imbalances were having a daily negative impact on my mental health. Now, my cycle and hormones are normal. I have the occasional tough day but all-in-all, I am doing worlds better. I can't recommend her enough.

- Lauren W. Five stars, April 2021

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This was my first visit with Melanie. She was phenomenal. Very professional, polite and helpful. Always asked for consent, explained what she was doing and checked in with me throughout the process to ensure I was doing okay during the appointment. I also loved that she gave me several opportunities to ask questions and ensured I fully understood the treatment and "homework". I feel like she went above and beyond what I had expected from this appointment. I have already recommended her to others!


- Raylene S. Five stars, April 2021

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Super friendly and extremely knowledgeable! I enjoyed my session very much and felt immediate relief from the pain I was having. Melanie was able to quickly identify what my problem was when doctors had previously overlooked it. She ensured that I was comfortable for the duration of my appointment and went above and beyond. I will absolutely be returning and I will be recommending Accessible Acupuncture to everyone I know.

- Celine S. Five stars, March 2021

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What an amazing experience. Melanie was knowledgeable and professional. She took the time to understand my needs and was able to recommend the right treatment for me. In addition to the treatment I left the clinic with recommendations for home care and stretches that would speed up my recovery. I left feeling fantastic.
-Frida Pesin, Five stars, March 2021

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Melanie is so great! She helped me with my ankle problem and now I felt so much better. No more pain, my sense and strength of my ankle slowly coming back! Her office is so clean and she is so patient, it was such a great experience for me every time I went there for a visit.
-An To, Five stars, March 2021
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Melanie is wonderful. She is great at listening and has helped a lot with working on my hormonal balance and whiplash. The location is great and it is always easy to find parking.
- Kristina Franks, Five stars, February 2021
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Melanie is very personable and knowledgeable. I felt she was concerned that I was comfortable and safe during the treatment.
-Kelly Thompson, Five stars, January 2021
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Accessible Acupuncture is simply amazing. Melanie is very knowledgeable and definitely goes above and beyond with treatments.
-Angie Lewis, Five stars, January 2021
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Accessible Acupuncture is the best place to get help with any pain you may have. Its very clean and absolutely professional. Melanie cares about your issues and will explain everything. She is super friendly and welcoming and makes you feel at ease, even if you are afraid of the dreaded needle. They offer a new laser treatment with Zero Pain. Melanie is very knowledgeable and professional. Its great place with a great owner. I look forward to see her place grow.
-Danny Howard, Five Stars, January 2021
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- Jessica Davenport, Five Stars, January 2021

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It was my first time receiving acupuncture when I went into Melanie’s clinic. I was a bit nervous to say the least, but my nerves were definitely unnecessary. Melanie answered all the questions I had and was able to explain to me exactly how my acupuncture treatment would work and why she would recommend the specific treatment I needed. I appreciated the safe space that Melanie created for me so that I could lean in and be vulnerable with her during my treatment. When on the table, Melanie did regular check-ins with me to see how I was doing. I found the treatment to be extremely relaxing and her office atmosphere is quite soothing. I was surprised at the end of my treatment when Melanie offered me a set of physio exercises that were sent to me via email. She knew regular treatments might not be accessible for me and wanted to make sure I had access to what I needed to continue my healing journey.
I would recommend Melanie at Accessible Acupuncture to anyone! I will definitely be going back!
Jasmine Zyzniewski on Facebook


I absolutely recommend Melanie! She is a nurturing and very skilled, practiced acupuncturist! My first time doing any of the healing modalities; cupping, acupuncture and laser acupuncture! Best experience I’ve had and excited to continue my journey of wellness with her 👌

Barbara Derrick on Facebook


Melanie is an awesome acupuncturist who wants you to be your healthiest and pain free self possible! She's great for making sure you know whats happening with the session and with your body. I 100% trust Melanie to stab me, Good times.

Rianna Boyle on Facebook


Melanie was very knowledgeable about my injury and the best way we should go about treating it. She also creates a relaxed and soothing environment during treatments, and is a pleasure to talk to!

Courtney Evans on Facebook

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