Accessible Acupuncture follows strict cleaning protocols to keep you safe and healthy.

Masks are required at all times for everyone in the clinic. The City of Edmonton and the Province of Alberta have lifted their mask mandate (July 1, 2021), however, Accessible Acupuncture is requiring masks while you are inside the clinic for the foreseeable future. This is for the safety of all patients and the acupuncturist and is not negotiable. 

If you do not have a mask or you would like to change your mask, a single-use mask will be provided at no charge. 

All appointments must be prebooked, walk-in appointments are not accepted at this time. 

A pre-screening questionnaire, a temperature check, and hand sanitizer are required for all appointments.

If you are feeling unwell, please call to reschedule your appointment. 

If you arrive for your appointment and you are unwell you will be required to reschedule. 

All touched and potentially touched surfaces (tables, door handles, chairs, payment machines and more)are wiped with disinfectant after each appointment.  

Staff are required to do daily temperature checks, frequent hand washing, and abide by all Alberta Health Services COVID-19 guidelines. 

Melanie is delighted to announce she received her first and second dose of the covid vaccine on April 17, 2021 and June 14th, 2021.

If you have questions about the covid vaccine or how to book your vaccine please call 811.

Dr. Melanie Morrill Ac.

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Acupuncture works with your body to engage your body's healing. Acupuncture is used for many health conditions including pain, mental health, obstetrics and gynecological concerns. Acupuncture works to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, decrease pain, release endorphins, increase tissue healing, and balance hormones. Acupuncture is deeply relaxing and many people rest or sleep during their treatment.