Stress is a normal part of everyday life and it is good in small amounts. Problems arise when there is too much stress and not enough rest and coping.

Acupuncture can't change the amount of stress you are under, but it can help you relax, manage your stress, and cope with stress more effectively. 

Acupuncture for Anxiety

 Anxiety is deeply uncomfortable and very common. Anxiety can be experienced as the sensation of restlessness, tension, sweating, rapid breathing, impending doom, fatigue, insomnia, stomach cramps, diarrhea, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, or generally feeling on edge. 

Anxiety is felt on a spectrum from mild discomfort a few times a week to severe anxiety that affects every part of your daily life. Anyone with anxiety, no matter how mild or severe, can benefit from acupuncture therapy. Acupuncture treatments are incredibly relaxing, they soothe aches and pain, and acupuncture can be used to manage both the physical and mental-emotional symptoms of anxiety. 

Acupuncture for Depression
Research has shown that acupuncture reduces the severity of depression compared to usual care.
A recent study on using acupuncture to treat depression: Link to Acupuncture and Depression Study
Depression looks different for everyone and it can be treated with acupuncture no matter how mild or severe the symptoms are. Common symptoms of depression are feelings of sadness, fatigue, feeling lonely, lack of interest in hobbies or work, restlessness, overeating or under-eating, digestive upset, headaches, muscle pain, jaw clenching or grinding, or irritability. 
Acupuncture can be used at the same time as other treatments for Depression.  You can use prescription medication, talk therapy, and other therapies and have acupuncture treatments at the same time.
Other Mental Health Concerns

Acupuncture is beneficial for several other mental health concerns including eating disorders, bipolar disorders, postpartum mental health disorders, panic disorders, and more.

Acupuncture and Medication
Can I take medication and acupuncture treatments at the same time?

Yes, you absolutely can take medication and benefit from acupuncture at the same time. 

Our Doctor of Acupuncture, Dr. Melanie Morrill Ac. supports you where ever you are in your mental health journey. If you want to take medication that is completely fine. If you want to not take medication that is also completely fine. The medications you take are up to you and your medical doctor.

Acupuncturists do not provide guidance on medications. Please speak to your medical doctor or pharmacist before changing your medications. 

Relaxation Acupuncture

Acupuncture treatments can be profoundly relaxing for the body and mind. During an acupuncture treatment, people often feel physical relaxation as their shoulder unclenching, their muscles relaxing, and the tension in their tummy fade away. The relaxation and unclenching extends to our emotions as well.

This can be felt as an emotional release. This may include crying, feeling suppressed emotions, or it can feel like a weight being lifted away. In the moment, it may feel overwhelming or it may feel soothing.

Crying or tearing up is the most common and it can happen during or after acupuncture treatment. It is more common when a person is working through an emotional upheaval or a stressful life event.

After an emotional release, most people feel better. Crying and feeling your feelings helps with emotional regulation and processing. There is no need to hold your emotions back during an acupuncture treatment, we have very nice tissues.