Cupping appointments are perfect for releasing sore muscles, tight facia, and promoting relaxation. This is ideal for back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and general body tension. During the treatment, your acupuncturist will use glass or silicone cups. After a cupping treatment, small circular red marks will likely be visible where the cupping was done.

What is cupping used for?

Cupping is an amazing way to relax tight muscles, stop pain, and feel better. The cups stretch tight muscles like a reverse massage.

After your cupping treatment, you might have a few cupping marks, but they usually fade in 1-5 days.

At Accessible Acupuncture, you can enjoy cupping as part of an initial acupuncture appointment, follow up acupuncture appointment, or as a stand alone cupping appointment. 


People with bleeding disorders or taking blood thinners should not have cupping. 

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